17 Shows and Movies About Horrible Rich People to Watch Between Episodes of Legacy

I’m surprised that the concept of TV by destination even exists in the era of continuous streaming, but from time to time the show gets into the zeitgeist and doesn’t go away until all the episodes are out. I think we just enjoy being in the conversation. And if there’s a label candidate right now, this is definitely the new season of HBO’s drama Legacy about rich people and bad behavior, which ended the second season with a game-changing press conference (more exciting than it sounds) and is back anyway. to the best viewership, according to HBO .

The Legacy is a dark comic tale of the Roy family, owners of media conglomerate Waystar RoyCo, and the chaos and backbiting that occurs when Patriarch Logan (Brian Cox) suffers a stroke, prompting the family to fight for what remains after his inevitable demise. … Before his medical incident, Logan just gave his third wife a say in his succession plans and elevated his estranged nephew to a leadership position at the company, setting the stage for a (slightly less bloody) modern Game of Thrones scenario . … It’s all very HBO.

Why should we care about what happens to these rich people and their evil company? The stories that the super-rich, shitty or generally indifferent to the plight of us ordinary people are common enough, but inherently not entertaining; this is enough for us in real life, thank you very much. But don’t rich people treat other rich people badly? It’s fun, and it’s a lot of the appeal of a kind of continuity . We live in a country where a handful of people – no more intelligent, virtuous, or hardworking than the mass of Americans – have more money than God (practically speaking), so they don’t know what to do with it. This. If the TV show wants to tell us that they are still terribly unhappy, well, anyway, this is just a shred of schadenfreude to cling to. Some of these 18 TV shows and films border on wealth pornography – it’s fun to watch people in pretty clothes and fancy stuff that live in giant houses (I’m a guy from Downton Abbey , so no judgment), but most of them are about how rich and powerful are at least as terrible as the rest of us, even if they have better shoes.


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