18 Scary but Not Bloody Halloween Thrillers

I trust the director James Wan very much. After making a ton of money from the Saw franchise (a series of films popularizing the term “torture porn”), he turned around and reinvented the creepy haunted house genre in Treachery and The Conjuring . Thriller tastes vary a lot, but it’s hard to argue that these films were less scary due to the fact that they were relatively bloodless, and sometimes you just want to watch a scary movie that won’t make you lose your lunch. – I’m not bloodthirsty, but I don’t mind, but horror films often rely on crude special effects instead of scary ones – and while this can have a good time in the movies, it does not relieve horror filmmakers from the burden of making a truly creepy or disturbing film. If this is facilitated by a punctured eyeball or intestines dangling on a hook – great! Otherwise, and often, it’s just a small practical effect.

If you’re the more squeamish thrill seeker, there are tons of great movies out there that will bother you without having to throw a bucket of blood in your face. (My favorite local movie theater now has a full menu, and frankly, sometimes I can’t deal with large wounds while trying to eat my pizza.) Here are 18 of them – guaranteed to raise your heart rate, but not your gorge.


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