You Can Finally Stop Switching Twitter From Light to Dark Yourself

For some, dark mode is the only mode. For others, this is the theme they want at night. Either way, whatever your phone theme is, you want your apps to match. Take Twitter for example: if the rest of your phone is in dark mode, you probably don’t want your bright white tweets to burn your eyes. Here’s how to fix it.

Why automatic theme switching is so useful

Many apps turned on this option as soon as they added dark mode. This makes sense since both iOS and Android have system-wide themes these days. Given that you can change OS themes with just a tap, it’s helpful to have apps that match that theme.

In this article, we’ll focus on Twitter because it didn’t always automatically change themes to match your phone’s theme – it might match your iPhone’s theme, but not Android. Those using Galaxy, Pixel, OnePlus or other Android devices have to manually select a Twitter theme all the time.

How to make Twitter match your device theme

Twitter is providing this feature to Android users now ; this means it is not something that you add yourself. While it’s always a good idea to update your app to the latest software, this doesn’t seem to trigger the feature. (I’m completely updated on Android, and for example I don’t see this option yet.) You just have to wait for Twitter to add this feature to your specific account. However, we will show you how to use it when you have it.

You’ll find this option in your Twitter theme settings – you’ll probably recognize this option by the lightbulb icon in the sidebar menu. If not, you can swipe right on your Twitter feed to open the menu, and then tap the light bulb icon to display your theme settings. If you have this feature, you will see it as ” Use device settings “. Just select this option and Twitter will always match the theme you set for your phone.


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