15 of the Biggest Sci-Fi and Fantasy Series to Hit Streaming Next Year

It’s a pretty neat time to be an SFF fan with TV: Apple has an adaptation of the Isaac Asimov Foundation ; Hulu has a take on the graphic novel series Y: The Last Man; and Lee Bardugo’s Shadows and Bones is a series on Netflix, just like The Witcher . The list goes on and on – there are tons of Star Wars, Star Trek and Marvel and many more to come. Not so long ago, people with a reasonable amount of free time and a limited interest in the communication can watch almost all science fiction and / or fantasy show, but now you pretty much have to make it a career.

It’s not all gold, and it’s not all for everyone, but there is plenty to choose from. The Covid pandemic has thrown up production schedules, and streaming services tend to be much more secretive about release dates than the networks have ever been. However, here are the big shows with a high likelihood of crashing between now and the end of 2022.


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