12 Box Office Flops of the COVID Era That Deserve Another Chance

Although slightly below forecasts, the box office for No Time to Die’s first weekend in the US is on the heels – they are on the heels of the positively pre pandemic weekend of $ 90 million Venom: Let There Be Carnage – suggest that people do feel better. comfortable. with a return to the theaters (a good idea or not, probably depends on where you live and how many frames you had). Great news for studios and movie theater chains, yes, and ticket buyers who miss the big screen. The death of movie theaters has been predicted for a long time, and the exact shape of movie theaters after COVID (if we ever heck get there) remains unclear. At the moment, however, it looks the same as always, even if the increasingly shorter gaps between theatrical debut and home streaming / distribution are now likely to be a reality. The box office – the main way to measure a movie’s success for more than a century – can no longer determine what is a hit and what is a failure, as streamers can now scream premium rents and more subscribers.

In addition to the slow recovery and new business models, the pandemic has had a huge impact on the global box office. And listen, we have cause for concern, but some of the films that could have been at the box office were never made – these are good films that we could see in theaters if we hadn’t been adept at avoiding crowds. closed, crowded premises. These 12 films received theater-exclusive releases at some point during the pandemic, with no simultaneous streaming capability (although in some cases the window between cinema and on-demand viewing was only a few weeks).


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