How to Beat Each Game in Netflix’s “Squid Game”

If a ghost clique is trapping you in a tricky match of children’s death games, these tips could end up winning $ 40 million and not getting a headshot. Here are tips on how to win every game of the Netflix Squid Game .

Warning: if you haven’t seen Squid Game, this article is nothing more than spoilers.

General tips for winning the Squid Game

Do not panic

Many Squid Game members die because they get nervous when the shooting starts, so don’t panic! Take long, even breaths, use visualization techniques to imagine a peaceful environment, consciously relax your body, and try to focus on something other than the likelihood of your imminent death. If you are calm enough, you may be the only player to notice that all the upcoming games are painted on the walls of your dorm.

Build trust among other players

If you can manage to convince other players to trust you early in the game, it will be easier to betray them later, so feel free to share tips and advice. At the same time, I would not join a real alliance. Only one Squid Game is team-based, so being attached to others will hurt rather than help you.

Play the meta game

Despite weapons and scary overalls under square and round masks, managers are people too, and they are no higher than corruption. They can’t help you directly, but they can tell you which game is next, which is a huge advantage. You’re in luck if you’re a surgeon who can help their efforts to sell organs to the Chinese, but if not, try bribing the guard with half your winnings if you survive. It won’t hurt, right?

How to win on a red light, green light

The first Squid Game had a lot of casualties because the participants panicked. When the cannons started firing, most of the players ran for the exit, ensuring their own death. But it’s actually a pretty easy win. You have enough time to get to the finish line, so the main thing is to move calmly and easily.

Take a moment to gather information and you will find out that the scary robot repeats the same sentence every time before the red light. This should give you enough early warning to get ready for freezing.

When it’s time to stop, take a comfortable, stable, wide position on both legs with your knees bent slightly. Shift your weight from foot to foot to stay in place. Breathe slowly and don’t strain.

When it’s time to move again, walk / run forward slowly, keeping your eyes on falling bodies or bloodstains that might trip over you, and listen to the phrase. Try to keep a distance between you and other players so that no one grabs you.

I do not recommend using other players as human shields. This is not necessary and it brings you closer to another player who can confuse you if dropped in front of you. (I doubt the human body will be able to fully protect you from flying bullets anyway.)

How to win at Honeycomb

In this Korean game, you try to cut a simple shape from a brittle sugar waffle using a needle. This is reputedly very difficult, especially when the punishment for the mistaken crack is a bullet to the head.

Obviously, the fewer corners in your chosen shape, the easier it will be to complete. Wish you knew in advance (unless you bribed the guard).

Otherwise, protagonist Song Ki-Hoon’s strategy is to lick the cookies until the saliva dissolves so much that the form is easily separated – remains solid. Likewise, the villainous technique of heating a needle with a stolen lighter.

How to Win a Tug of War

Everything you think about tug-of-war is wrong. Forget about Participant 1’s advice on the show and everything you remember from your physical education class. And certainly don’t run ahead!

The way we usually play tug-of-war is in accordance with the International Tug-of-War rules, but those rules prohibit some of the powerful tug-of-war techniques, and these rules do not apply in the Squid Game .

Start by lifting the rope up to your shoulders and turning 180 degrees. With your back to your opponents, you can lean forward and you have a lot more leverage and power. It’s a bit tricky to describe, but if you watch this video of Indianteam Wadam Waliin action , it’s easy to see why this technique, as well as teamwork and coordination, will win any tug of war competition.

How to Win the Marble Game

The minimum rules of this game – you have ten minutes to gather all your opponents without using violence – turn this competition into manipulation and trickery.

If you have chosen a partner who is easy to fool, say, an old man with dementia or a kind-hearted immigrant who trusts you, you may be able to win the easiest victory in the history of the squid game.

Start by saying something like, “To be honest, let’s count each other’s balls.” When they hand over their bag, don’t give up – just announce to the managers that you’ve won.

A subtler way to fool your opponent is to offer fair play with odd and even odds, and then use basic sleight of hand techniques to control how many balls you have in the palm of your hand. Given the tension of the situation, it is possible to introduce some misinformation at the right times, and you may only have to fake it once or twice to win.

Hint for this YouTube video that asks to convince your opponent to play a version of NIM that you can’t lose if you go first.

How to win at the Glass Bridge

There are 18 pairs of panels to complete in this competition; half of them are fatal and half are harmless. The victory depends on your place in the squad. The law of averages says that as soon as 9 people try to cross the road, the path will be clear, but the first person to walk has only 1 chance in 262,144 to cross it safely. If this is you, I suggest you never step on the bridge at all.

Run to the corner and say that you will let the timer run out so everyone dies if you don’t go later in the line. It probably won’t work, but the probability of success is over 1 in 262,144.

The only other strategy that makes sense here is the one used in the series, where a glassblower can distinguish tempered glass from non-woven glass. If you can do that, the most important thing to remember is not to tell anyone so that the managers don’t turn off the lights and you die.

Some suggest using everyone in shoes to throw a glass before you step, but honestly, I don’t think managers would let that happen. After all, these rich assholes paid a ton of money to watch you die.

How to win at Squid Game

The name of the game was apparently popular in Korean schoolyards in the 1970s and 80s. He has some pretty complex rules, but they probably don’t matter. At this point, there are only two members left, and each is armed with a steak knife, so this is likely to be a deadly knife fight.

There are many martial arts that involve training in weapons, but I would suggest learning the knife fighting techniques detailed in the US Marine Corps Melee Manual brutal, effective and paid for with your tax dollars.

In short: wrap your naked hand in a tuxedo to make it harder for your opponent to cut you, then block and parry with that hand while striking with the other hand. However, keep in mind that you are armed with a steak knife and not a combat knife, so your weapon will be relatively fragile. Avoid hitting bony areas such as the skull or chest so the knife does not break and the blade is bent.

How to win the final game

If you are forced to choose whether someone will help a homeless person on the brink of freezing, always vote no.


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