How to Stick With Your Workouts As the Seasons Change

You are not alone if you skipped a few workouts in favor of a “hot summer soaked in foundation”. Or maybe you’ve finally gotten into solid training, only to have the change of season get in the way of your consistency. Now that fall has arrived and commitments tend to fit into a more predictable schedule, it’s time to make fitness a part of your routine. Whether you’re trying to stick to summer habits or starting out in sports for the first time, here are some tips to help you stick to your goals.

Start small for consistency

Change does not come from one particular training session; change comes from consistency. In fact, consistency is the solution to most of your fitness problems.

To start small, you first need to give up the all-or-nothing mindset. Isn’t one push-up better than no push-up? If you can’t plan long periods of time for exercise, you can try snacks instead . (Although we are not saying that a “four second workout” will bring you significant gains). A mental battle is far more feasible when your goal is to crush a five minute workout in front of you, rather than burn out too quickly chasing some abstract bikini body. When in doubt, take daily.

Hack your motivation

Some of us are simply not motivated by an innate love of hard work. Strange, but okay.

Your goals may be physical, but the motivation must come from within . If you are motivated only by the desire to look in a certain way at a certain distant time, you are setting yourself up for disappointment. Instead, if you focus on something else rather than getting hotter, you will find that exercise really does work.

Even if your goals are not related to fervor, you can still sabotage yourself using the binary formula ” yes, I broke my goal ” and ” no, I failed .” Consider starting with an open-ended question to speed up your workout.

Add seasonal workouts

Get the most out of the weather! Think about walking on leaves in autumn, on the recording run for 5 km on local festivals, or even about how to learn how to lift weights on a frost . Plus, “changing your workout or even the training environment can work wonders if you feel a little unmotivated,” said Chris Ryan, Certified Functional Strength Trainer, Former Division 1 Athlete and MIRROR Coach. So even if you’re not running a turkey run in your city, adding variety to your regimen has its mental and physical benefits.

Get ready for Seasonal Challenges

Breaking News: Winter weather sucks. (At least it sucks in some cases – or most – in many areas.) Find out how to dress or get ready to work out at home . We’ve compiled our best home workout advice of 2020 (I wonder what happened in 2020 to inspire this advice?).

Plan things to look forward to

I have already signed up for the spring marathon, which means I have a winter racing schedule. One of my greatest motives is finances: if I’m going to spend money running, well then I better run.

Sign up for fitness classes, go camping with friends on your calendar – anything that adds an extra layer of responsibility (and excitement!) To help you reach your goals.

With the onset of the season, it is easy to go into hibernation mode. But when you personalize your fitness goals, both mentally and physically, it will be much easier to stick to them.


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