10 Awesome Animes to Watch Before Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop Hits

It’s hard to know how to feel about the live Netflix Cowboy Bebop , especially when we know so little about it, even two months before its November 19 launch. Redoing any classic is a risky prospect, especially since in this case, given that the original ’90s episode is a defining anime for a ton of American fans, not to mention a damn stylish one. Its look and feel is so tied to the angular coolness of its animation that any reboot – let alone dragging and dropping characters onto a whole new medium – has no job for it.

However, you have to admit that the little we have seen so far does matter. Anime creator Shinichiro Watanabe works as a creative consultant; John Cho, Mustafa Shakir and Daniela Pineda are more than solid choices for the main trio; and that opening sequence that dropped last week, while not necessarily indicative of how the show itself will play, is pretty sweet.

For now, let’s say you’ve already seen Cowboy Bebop and are looking for an equally awesome show to help you until Netflix finally unveils a remake. Part of the original’s appeal lies in its joyous mixture of disparate genres and tropes: noir, old Western lawlessness, a motley gang of mercenaries, comedy and cyberpunk, all with a Han Solo-style villain. headliner. If you’re looking for it all in one show … well, that’s Bebop . But if you’re looking for other great anime shows that combine some of these elements, here are some ideas.


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