How to Load Google Maps Routes Before Driving Through Bad Reception

Are you going for a walk in the fresh air? Perhaps in another country or area where your internet connection is unstable? You must download Google Maps offline before exiting the game. If you have offline maps, you can use them for orientation, including turn-by-turn navigation, when your GPS is not dependent on mobile data networks.

How to download offline maps of a city or area before your trip

Google allows you to download maps of any area from all over the world. You can download various maps of the area and store them on your device throughout the year.

Open the Google Maps app and find the city, state or country you are traveling to. Then select an area to go to the details screen.

On Android, swipe up on the menu; on iOS, swipe to the end of the options. Click the Download button here. If you are viewing the details screen in full screen mode, click the three-dot menu button in the upper right corner and select the Download Offline Map option.

You will see a download area. You can pinch or pull apart to expand the area. When you’re happy with that, click the Download button. If you are using mobile internet, you will be prompted to confirm the download.

How to download offline maps for your current location or area

Google Maps has a separate feature to download offline maps for the current area. This is useful if you are already in an unconnected area and have just found a location with Wi-Fi.

Open the Google Maps app and tap your profile icon in the upper right corner. Go to the ” Offline Maps ” section and select ” Choose your map “.

Select your region and click the Download button. After a few seconds, the map will be downloaded for offline use.

To manage offline maps, go to Profile > Offline Maps and click the three-dot menu button next to the map. From here you can update, rename or delete the map.


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