How to Boomerang IPhone Live Photos on Instagram

You can take a Live Photo and give it a boomerang effect with the Photos app . But if you wanted to take the real Boomerang, you always had to use the Instagram app. You don’t need to do this anymore, now that Instagram has built-in support for Live Photos – it can now take that three-second video from a Live Photo and turn it into a boomerang. What’s more, you can edit this boomerang or use one of the Instagram effects as usual.

Seems like a small feature, but it will lead to a lot more funny boomerang posts in your Instagram Stories. Some of them that you never knew existed (this is the best thing about Live Photos).

How to Post Live Boomerang Photos to Instagram Stories

First, you need to check two things: that you are using the latest version of Instagram and that you have Live Photos enabled in the Camera app (you can do this from the top toolbar in the Camera app).

Then open Instagram and go to the Stories section (swipe right in the feed). Here, swipe up to see all your photos. You can use the dropdown at the top to navigate to a specific album.

As you scroll through the photos, you will see a boomerang icon (infinity symbol) that can be converted to a boomerang. Select a photo and then tap the boomerang icon at the top.

You are now in the Boomerang edit screen. From there, you can keep it in classic mode, or try others like Slo-mo, Echo, and Duo. You can also trim the video using the slider at the bottom of the screen.

Once you’re done editing, click the Done button to save the boomerang. Now you can add stickers, text, and then share the story with your followers.


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