What’s New in Hulu October 2021

I would say October is going to be a tough month for the people behind the big pharmaceutical companies largely responsible for the opioid crisis in the United States, given that Hulu is making his debut in a series of hard-hitting documentaries exploring the harm a terrible business has done in the United States. world, but oh, they’re billionaires with immunity from prosecution , so they’ll probably be fine.

However, we hope Dopesick (October 13), the original documentary-drama series inspired by Beth Macy ‘s best-selling book exploring the roots of America’s latest drug crisis , does even more to tarnish the names of these cartoon villains who definitely don’t. deserve doubt. (Note: If you asked me in 2002 to envision a future career as a nerd, supporting character Jonathan from Buffy: The Vampire Slayer , I wouldn’t say “an award-winning screenwriter and producer of an action-packed documentary drama series,” and yes, I’m sure he’s fed up with people bringing up the topic.) If you want to soften your anger with a lighter meal, Hulu takes aim at The Great British Baking Show with Baker’s Dozen (October 11th), a competition where professional bakers versus hobbyists (wait while I add this in turn). And then there’s Spirit Untamed (October 31), a CGI animated film about girls and horses that I only know about because its soundtrack will include a re-recorded version of her song “Wildest Dreams” by Taylor Swift. It’s too hard to talk about why Swift is re-recording his first six albums , but that’s definitely the only reason I know this movie exists (well, that’s Taylor Swift’s legions of Twitter fans too) despite having young man. Equestrian daughter. I really like the new version of the song! The movie looks …great. Here’s everything Hulu will (and go) in October 2021.


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