Every IPadOS 15 Keyboard Shortcut You Should Know About

A new key modifier has appeared in the city – this is the Globe key. With the new iPadOS 15 update, Apple is finally improving the iPad experience with an external keyboard. The iPad now supports global keyboard shortcuts that let you interact with apps and features like Split View, Slide Over, Shelf, and more.

The Globe key was used to quickly switch between multiple languages ​​or to bring up the Emoji keyboard. It is now a powerful keyboard shortcut modifier.

A new way to find all keyboard shortcuts

IPadOS 15 has a brand new menu designed to search and search across all keyboard shortcuts for the OS and the app you’re currently using.

Just press and hold the Globe button to open system and multitasking shortcuts in a new tabbed menu.

You will find different sections at the bottom. You can even click the Search button to find a specific keyboard shortcut.

To find keyboard shortcuts for the application you are using, press and hold the Command key.

It is worth looking at all the keyboard shortcuts for system functions and the most frequently used applications. Apple’s own apps are really good at providing tons of keyboard shortcuts, and the same goes for popular third-party apps like Things, Timery, Lire, and more.

Other system keyboard shortcuts worth knowing about

New system and multitasking keyboard shortcuts rely heavily on the Globe key. This is great if you are using Apple’s own keyboards. But if you are using a third party keyboard, you can always remap a different key to the Globe key.

To do this, go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Hardware Keyboard > Modifier Keys .

Here are some of the system keyboard shortcuts to remember:

Globe + H : Go to the home screen.

Command + Space : Open Search.

Command + Left / Right : Move to the previous or next app.

Globe + A : show doc.

Shift + Globe + A : Show Application Library.

Globe + Q : Create a quick note.

Globe + S : Open Siri.

Globe + C : Open the Control Center.

Globe + N : Open Action Center.

Master iPad multitasking with these keyboard shortcuts

In iPadOS 15, you have full control over splitting and slideshow with keyboard shortcuts. Here are multitasking keyboard shortcuts to help you quickly manage multiple apps:

Globe + `(tilde) : Switch between two applications open in Split View.

Globe + F : Make the Split View window full screen.

Globe + Control + Left / Right : Dock the current full screen window to the left or right, and then select another app to open from the side. If you already have two applications open, you can use the same command to swap them.

Globe + Control + Down : Replace the current app in Split View with another app.

Globe + \ : Show slide over.

Option + Globe + Left / Right : Move the Slide Over window to the left or right.

That’s a lot, but it’s worth taking the time to learn it all. Once you’ve saved your Split View keyboard shortcuts in memory, you can easily manage all of your open apps – and suddenly what is arguably the most annoying part of using an iPad is so much easier.


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