10 Baby Products New Parents Don’t Need at All

Once the world knows that you are pregnant, especially if this is your first child, you will be blown up from all sides by the recommendations for “products every parent needs.” The family will ask if you have the latest feeding pillow, friends will offer to “help you scan” (that is, say exactly what they want you to sign up for) at Buy Buy Baby, companies you’ve never heard of will send you letter coupons for goods, about the existence of which you did not know.

According to GlobeNewswire, the global baby products market will reach $ 15.6 billion a year by 2026 , and anxious parents-to-be is the ideal target for marketing it. As fun as it is to shop while waiting for you to “feel prepared” (haha), remember that every purchase has an expiration date built in: babies grow so fast there are many pregnancies and baby gifts. absolutely unnecessary. Please note: a potentially ambiguous list of baby items that you absolutely don’t need to buy.


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