5 Peeled Apple Recipes to Try This Fall

Autumn is coming, which means apple season – perhaps the best of all – is just around the corner. When planning what to do with all of these apples, it’s best to stop for a moment and consider an important ingredient: the peel.

The apple peel may not sound like much, but it is a source of fiber and nutrients , so removing it (which is an unpleasant step anyway ) lowers the overall nutritional value of the apple. Fortunately, leaving the peel on in many recipes can result in the taste being as rich and delicious as the unpeeled apples, if not more. The rind can add flavor to applesauce or cider; it gives a cake or crisp texture you may like; and you may be one of those people who actually prefer a little rind in their pie (this is a sensitive topic for some, I understand).

However, if you use unpeeled apples in your recipes, you may need to make a few minor changes. For starters, you may need to choose a variety with thinner and softer skins: the default apple for pies and chips is often Granny Smith, but you may be better off choosing a tart apple with thinner skins such as Gala, Jazz, or Braburn.

With that in mind, here are some of our favorite recipes that have been adapted for using unpeeled apples.


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