33 Sequels to Films That Showcase the Best and Worst of Nostalgia

The first trailer for the highly anticipated fourth Matrix movie came out last week, and it looks good – but if I were trying to explain the premise of the Matrix Resurrection in this new frame alone, I would probably end up more or less with describing the Matrix (then there is an original in 1999). Is this really a continuation of the storyline or a reimagining of the first film?

Lana Wachowski is an endlessly inventive filmmaker who has contributed to some of the most original film concepts in the last couple of decades, so I’m not going to rule her out. But will we go back to the same old well when we’d better look for something new? And is it worth it at all? All stories repeat themselves to some degree, and a fresh look at old concepts has yielded some of the best and most beloved works of art in history – but also a few unnecessary reworkings. Let’s take a look at some of the more significant legacy sequels – past, present, and future – to see if we’re better or worse at turning nostalgia into art.


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