The Easiest Way to Keep Track of Your Favorite Pot Cooking Times

If you have an Instant Pot – or “One Pot,” as my stepmother likes to call it – you’ve probably noticed that the Internet is littered with graphics and cheat sheets. Timing and Water Ratio charts come in laminated sheets, magnets, and simple printouts, but they often contradict each other and most chefs have their favorites.

I don’t own any of these cheat sheets, but I do have a few favorite Instant Pot recipes that I always forget and have to google again. Writing them down would be easy, but I am very good at losing sheets of paper (laminated or not!), So I decided to write these ratios and times directly onto the One Pot using a dry erase marker. (I know this is technically incorrect, but I think my stepmother’s name for the appliance does make more sense.)

I just started doing it – I thought about it as I sat motionless in the forest, waiting for the elk that never showed up – and for now I have scribbled my preferred times and proportions for eggs and rice – two things in which I cook Instant Pot – directly onto the device. If I ever manage to remember them, I’ll just erase the marker and write down the new times and ratios for other dishes I have yet to remember. (Though much more likely I’ll just keep adding to the list of times and ratios until the shiny metal looks like a sailor at a tattoo convention. I’ve never been good at memorizing numbers.)

If you would like to use my shorthand, do not hesitate. HP and LP stand for high pressure and low pressure, and NR and MR stand for natural release and manual release. I also write “H₂O” for “water”. One needs to get some benefit from this chemistry degree.


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