How to Turn on Adaptive Alexa Volume (so It’s Not Too Loud or Quiet)

It is unlikely that the noise level in your home will be constant. At any given time, there is a mixture of people talking and working devices and outside sounds, and it can be difficult to adjust the volume of your smart speaker properly so that it stands out from the background of a fight, but does not yell at you when it is actually quiet.

If you use Amazon Echo, Alexa has a new feature that automatically adjusts speech volume in noisy environments. Adaptive Volume is supposed to eliminate the need to manually change the Alexa volume by interpreting the background audio and choosing the appropriate level instead. To enable this mode, all you have to do is say ” Alexa, turn on adaptive volume .”

This feature seems to do the normal, albeit somewhat inconsistent, job of interpreting noise and adjusting the volume of Alexa speech. If you still need to manually control your volume levels, you can simply say “Alexa, set the volume to [1-10]”, use the controls on your device, or adjust the audio slider in your app by going to Menu> Settings> “Device settings” .

If Alexa is too loud for you and you’re in a very quiet place, you can also turn on the ever-spooky Whisper mode. If you whisper to your device, it will whisper to you. Just say “Alexa, turn on whisper mode,” or go to Settings> Voice Responses in the app, and then continue to be scared by the dystopian robot voice whispering in your home.

We’ve looked at several other ways to control Alexa volume and speech volume. Another option for automating volume is to set certain levels in Alexa routines so that, for example, she speaks softly at night and louder during meals. Subroutines are found in the app under Navigation Bar> Routines.


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