How to Wash Microfiber Towels Without Ruining Them

They may look like any other towel or rag, but those made from microfiber come with some luggage. First, some people hate – and we mean genuinely despise – the feeling of microfiber on their skin. If you fall into this category, you are not alone, and this strange clinging sensation that you experience does not arise in your head.

The second hurdle with microfiber towels is how to wash them. It’s not that this process is complicated – just so that the towels last a long time, it is better to wash them yourself, and not throw them along with other laundry.

To their credit, the tiny fibrous loops on microfiber cloths not only give your skin goosebumps, they also make the material so effective at cleaning and polishing a wide variety of surfaces. Unfortunately, washing microfiber towels will not make them feel better, but it will clean them . Here’s what to do.

Before washing microfiber towels

If you place microfiber towels in the washing machine with cotton or other materials that form a lint, they will come out covered with that lint. This is why you want to wash them separately and thoroughly clean the lint trap before putting them in the dryer (if you insist on going this route).

And before you do anything else, shake well towels (outside or in a garbage bag) to remove existing dirt and dust, so they are not redistributed back to the towels, when you have them erase , Shifrah Combiths in The Kitchn advises .

One more thing before we start: According to Combiths, we must wash microfiber towels after each use. Why? “Dirt trapped in the fibers of the fabric can scratch and damage the surface of what you clean next,” she explains .

How to wash microfiber towels

You have two options: machine washer or hand wash. If you choose a machine, use only a small amount of detergent and make sure it does not contain any additives such as softeners or fragrances. In fact, according to Combiths , detergent can be eliminated altogether.

This is the case when you manually wash them. If you’ve only used towels for light cleaning, such as polishing or wiping, you can put them in a bowl of warm water (no detergent), wave them well so that dirt and dust can come off, wring out the “Pour out excess water and hang them to they’re dry, ”Combits writes.

How to dry microfiber towels

By the way, microfiber towels are best dried by drying, even if you washed them in the washing machine. This eliminates the risk of collecting fluff or debris inside the dryer, and it dries very quickly.

If for some reason this is not an option, use the dryer’s low heat setting (or turn off the heat completely) and, again, do not mix microfiber towels with any other laundry in the dryer.


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