How to Check for Updates on Your Pixel Buds a-Series

Google’s latest wireless earbuds, the Pixel Buds A-Series, are a great choice for both Pixel users and Android owners who don’t want to go broke. These Pixel Buds come with automatic updates, so in theory, you never need to worry about missing important fixes. However, if you want to check for updates yourself to make sure you fix any current issues, there is a way.

Pixel Buds automatic updates are out of your hands

The main problem with automatic updates is that you have no control over them. When something is wrong with your headphones and a fix is ​​in progress, you just have to wait – and hopefully – until the update is installed on your Pixel Buds. When an update is available, Android downloads it to your earbuds the next time you use it, but doesn’t install the update until you put the earbuds in their case next time.

If there is a problem that you want to solve, you will not know how quickly it will be solved.

New bug makes Pixel Buds too quiet

And there is a problem; Pixel Buds are currently suffering from a bug that causes the maximum volume to be lower than it should be. If you are driving yourself crazy listening to soft music at 100% volume, this error is most likely to blame.

Google announced a new firmware update for the Pixel Buds on Wednesday, September 1st. Version 233 is rolling out all over the place for Pixel Buds over a 10-day period and includes a fix for “low maximum volume in some cases.” It may not be available on your device yet, but if you want to check for an update now, here’s how.

How to manually check for Pixel Buds firmware updates

Place the Pixel Buds in the open case. Then, on a Pixel device running at least Android 10, go to Settings> Connected Devices> Pixel Bud Settings . On any other Android device, open the Google Pixel Buds app and go to Advanced Settings> Firmware Update . If an update arrives, tap ” Update available” , follow the instructions and allow the update to be installed.

How to turn off automatic updates

If you want to have complete control over Pixel updates on your side, you can turn off automatic updates. On a Pixel device running at least Android 10, go to Settings> Connected Devices> Pixel Bud Settings . On another Android device, open the Google Pixel Buds app, scroll down and go to Advanced settings> Firmware update , then tap the switch to turn off automatic updates.

From now on, you will be notified when an update is available, but it will not be installed until you follow the instructions above.


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