You Really Shouldn’t Be Using WhatsApp Mods

If you want to complement your WhatsApp experience with some unofficial features, you might be tempted to try the mod. These versions of the app may offer chat options and customizable user interfaces that WhatsApp itself cannot provide. However, no matter how profitable the deal may seem, we strongly discourage using them.

It is important to understand that WhatsApp mods are not regular apps. You will not find them in the Play Store because they are not allowed to do so. Instead, you need to download the unpublished software to your device before you can start using it.

Play Store matters

When you download an application like WhatsApp from the Play Store, you know that the software has passed a certain level of clearance. While the system isn’t perfect and bad apps make it to the store, Google doesn’t just sell random apps to its users.

Also added security measures when downloading an app from the Play Store. Google checks the security of the app itself and your device to make sure your library is free of malicious apps. It’s also clear in advance what permissions the app will ask for from your device, so you know right away if the app wants you to be a more open book than you might feel comfortable with.

Downloaded unpublished apps should not go through any of these security steps unless they are tied to a trusted source. While this is a great way to run programs outside of the Google Play Store, practice comes with risks.

WhatsApp mods are unsafe malware distributors

To make matters worse, this is not some hypothetical risk as you might assume when downloading unpublished apps. WhatsApp Mods are known targets for malware and scams. Take FMWhatsApp for example; This WhatsApp mod was recently discovered as a mobile Trojan Trojan called Triada , infecting devices with a code that can read SMS, open ads, and launch subscriptions.

Speaking of reading SMS messages, WhatsApp mods are not encrypted . This means that your messages are not protected by the same security measures that you usually get with WhatsApp, making your conversations available to third parties. While one of the benefits of FMWhatsApp is the added security and privacy, those points seem to contradict this story.

You could lose your account for using WhatsApp mods

You don’t just risk your privacy by using one of these app mods; you are risking your entire account. Believe it or not, WhatsApp doesn’t really like these mods and has banned users from using them in the past.

Short answer? WhatsApp mods are just not safe to use. While the settings these mods offer are appealing, it’s not worth risking your privacy (and account). If you want the new WhatsApp features before the rest, you’re much better off downloading the latest beta from a trusted site like APK Mirror .


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