15 HBO Max Originals You Probably Not Watching but Definitely Must Watch

HBO Max is a newcomer to the block among major streamers, but as an extension of the cable network, it immediately produced quality original programming. Shows like “White Lotus” and ” Khaki” (Jean Smart in everything please) are already causing buzz and accolades. Given the number of shows that HBO Max has already released, there are some great options that, unlike The Stewardess , could go unnoticed.

All of these shows are HBO Max originals, which means that they were either originally created for and / or are currently being exclusively distributed by a streamer, at least in North America. With the hyper-mega-conglomerate WarnerMedia in existence, it can get a little tricky and the shows spread a bit. So in calling something “original,” I’m mostly relying on HBO’s own definition of Max.


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