How to Organize All Your Photos in ICloud

One of the great things about iCloud is that you can store many images. One of the bad things about iCloud is that you can store many photos. Here are some tips to help you back up and organize all of your thousands of photos without going into the details of your Halloween 2017 memories.

To back up your photos somewhere other than the cloud, open the Photos app on your Mac. Then open Settings and select the iCloud tab. On this page, select “Upload Originals to This Mac”. This will save all your photos locally on your computer. If you want to add an external hard drive for added security, you can use third-party software like Backblaze , or your Mac’s built-in Time Machine feature, which will also back up the rest of your computer. To manually move all of your photos, just plug in your hard drive, open Finder, go to the Pictures section, and drag your photo library to your new hard drive.

If you want to organize your photos to make it easier to navigate, go to and sign in with your AppleID. Then select Photos and click the plus sign at the top to create and name a new album. Once you’ve created a new album, simply select one or more photos and tap the plus sign again to choose where you want to send them.


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