How to Make a Bedroom Remodel in the Cheapest Way

We’ve been awake a lot in our bedrooms for the past year and a half. It was a place to relax, escape from work, and hide from the world (or young children). Maybe it suddenly seems gray or outdated, or maybe you are just tired of looking at the same old space after so many years spent within its four walls. However, even on a tight budget, there are a few simple changes you can make to give your bedroom a fresh feel.

How to make your bedroom bigger

Changing your bedroom curtains doesn’t sound like a major makeover, but the way you hang them and what style you choose can actually create the illusion of more space (or not). IKEA spokeswoman Janice Simonsen told that she advises buyers to hang curtains as close to the ceiling as possible. The height of the curtains is eye-catching, giving the impression of higher ceilings. And you don’t have to pick expensive varieties to achieve your goal – there are plenty of options available if you dig a little.

If we want to decorate a space, sometimes we don’t need to look beyond the lighting itself – the architecture site Arch2O suggests using multiple lights to eliminate any dark corners that might make the room look smaller. In particular, wall sconces and pendant lights are a great way to brighten up dark areas in your bedroom.

A little paint can make a big difference

With all home renovations, the easiest way to make significant changes is to get to the paint right away. Depending on the brand, type, and color, a gallon of paint will cost you about $ 20 to $ 30 ; If you are painting all the walls in a large room, you will probably need two cans to work with. If you want to further limit the cost of paint, consider painting just one accent wall to create focal point where it wasn’t before.

However, when you’re thinking about how a can of paint can brighten a room, look beyond your walls – painting an old wooden headboard, a tired mirror, or even a simple dresser with an accent color can add a little whimsy.

Add new fabrics and accent items

Finally, focus on replacing soft accents that are affordable and easy to replace, including pillows, bedding, and rugs. For a cozy feel, choose a new comforter, quilt or pillows with deep warm accents and a matching plush rug. To spice things up, look for brighter colors or bolder patterns. The bed is almost always a staple of any bedroom, so start there and work your way up.


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