Child Culture Guide for Adults: What Happened to OnlyFans?

There is a scolding doctor pissing on the internet this week, a porn site banning porn, and some huge commotion. (Children are addicted to some weird shit.)

TikTok Doctor: Don’t Pee in the Shower

In a recent video, TikTok doctor (TikTokTor?) Alicia Jeffrey-Thomas caused a bit of a stir on the internet by detailing bad urination habits. Among them: peeing in the shower . Jeffrey-Thomas, a board-certified pelvic floor physiotherapist, says peeing in the shower can prompt you to have one of Pavlov’s dogs relax whenever you hear a stream of water. This makes it difficult to visit local fountains. In addition, according to the doctor, standing in the shower is not the optimal position for urine for those who have no prostate glands.

Jeffrey-Thomas’s warning against pissing in the shower led to hundreds of defiant comments on TikTok like, “I’ll be real. I keep writing in the shower. ”“ I’m just trying to save water. It’s not that important ”and“ Wrong. This mind is more important than the bladder. “

As it is not expressly prohibited by Dr. Alicia “P Police” Jeffrey-Thomas, I will continue to write to your pool.

OnlyFans slows down sexually explicit content

In its most unexpected corporate technology announcement since McDonald’s announced it was not selling hamburgers, content-sharing site OnlyFans announced that it would ban users from posting sexually explicit content. Rather than serving fans of online sex workers, who currently account for nearly all of the 130 million site visitors, OnlyFans aims to become a forum for “musicians, fitness instructors and chefs.” (I think YouTube lacks musicians, fitness instructors, and chefs.)

While nudity will not be banned on the site, from October anymore, mmm, extreme forms of content will no longer comply with the Fan Only Content Policy.

The switch is due to pressure from banking partners and payment service providers who are apparently wary of being such a huge part of the pornography industry. According to Bloomberg , OnlyFans “is trying to raise more than $ 1 billion in money from outside investors.”

I’m not a financial expert, but OnlyFans might have to create OnlyFans to make ends meet.

This Week In Video Games: You Got Your Among Us In My Fortnite

Fortnite this week unveiled a brand new game mode , but it seems strangely familiar. The Pretender is an exact copy for Among Us . Games “borrowed” from other games are hardly new, but Fortnite’s new mode seems particularly egregious – exactly like ” Among Us,” down to terminology, game mechanics, and even maps .

Marcus Bromander, co-founder of the company that created Among Us, tweeted : “We have not patented the mechanics of Among Us . I don’t think this will lead to a healthy gaming industry. Is it so hard to put in 10% more effort to come up with something your own way? “

Shots, as they say, rang out.

TikTok Trend of the Week: Snitch

I’m from the old school where snitches were either stitched or ditched, but modern kids are really cool about snitches. At least the TikTok users who make up SnitchTokverse are like that .

Here’s what they do: They search the Internet for traces of other people in search of dubious content – affair, bragging about sexual exploits, parties too violent, etc. spouses, parents, friends and employers. Fun. Here are some creepy examples .

It’s one thing to expose racists and criminals through internet videos, but telling someone’s mom when they post a slightly sexy video? Come on, young people.

College students talk about the fall of Afghanistan

Last week, Lord Miles Rutledge was in a “fit”: a British University student says he was vacationing in Afghanistan (like you) and was drawn into the Taliban takeover of the country. Trapped in a war-torn country, Rutledge went through it like a true member of Gen-Z, boldly posting videos on Facebook and Twitch and updating 4Chan themes throughout his tumultuous week.

If his story is to be believed, Rutledge (who’s not really a lord – a long story) arrived in Kabul on August 13, writing, “Decided to come to Afghanistan for a few days, never been here before” on 4chan on Friday. … “Just fool around and bask in the sun. It seems more peaceful to me than London. “

“The special services show that the capital can be taken in 30 days; however, not in a few days, ”he wrote on Sunday. “If I prove I’m wrong and die, edit the ridiculous soundtrack above my posts. I think it will be funny.

It wasn’t all that funny when Rutledge was unable to fly out of town, knives were pulled on him and forced into hiding in a safe house, leading to 12 hours of darkness on social media and speculation on the Internet that he was killed or taken prisoner.

Fortunately, Rutledge was evacuated to Dubai. “Everything is fine. At 4 am (now 2 am) I was evacuated along with 100 or so civilians,” he wrote. “The Taliban allowed us to drive through the airport and we met many of them … waved their hands to each other, some took selfies with them. “

It could all be an elaborate troll with photos and receipts, but if so, then this is a very good troll, and perhaps a fake happy ending is the best we’re going to get out of Afghanistan for a while.

Viral Video of the Week: Severe Waves in Tahiti

Before the advent of the Internet I would have had no opportunity to learn surfing conditions in the Polynesian village Teahupo in Tahiti, but thanks to YouTube, I know that the waves on Friday 13 th were simply monstrous. I’m talking about ripping out the buoys and breaking through the huge marina. Cowabunga! (Surfers say the same thing, bro.)

Teahupoʻo waves are considered the fastest, heaviest and most dangerous waves on earth – you can’t even catch them unless you are towed by a jet ski – but surfers on the big waves rode them anyway, which gave me a stunning video of defiance of death. enjoy the security of your table while eating pizza. Watching sleepwalkers ride waves the size of buildings is amazing.Check it out … if you dare .


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