What’s New in Hulu September 2021

Hollywood doesn’t seem to have comics, but when it comes to adapting graphic novels as television series, it’s still a very controversial picture. Every Umbrella Academy has a Jupiter Legacy . There is an Iron Fist for every Doom Patrol . For each Walking Dead, there are later seasons of The Walking Dead . In September, another long-looming adaptation of the graphic novel breaks out of development hell and hits FX on Hulu, and while it’s too early to tell if it’s worth the wait, the trailer looks pretty darn promising.

As you probably guessed, Y: The Last Man (September 13), based on a 60-issue mid-August comic by Brian K. Vaughan ( The Saga ) and Pia Guerra, is one of the post-apocalyptic speculators, said the apocalypse in this case it is the sudden, unexplained death of all living things on earth with a Y chromosome (sucks to be me). The women who survived – the cast includes familiar faces like Diane Lane, Olivia Thirlby, and Amber Tamblyn – are struggling to bring order to a suddenly chaotic world by piecing together what has happened, and the mission has become even more challenging. for the sudden appearance of the last dude. on the planet Yorick (Ben Schnetzer) and his pet monkey Ampersand. How did these guys survive? Well, that’s why, isn’t it? (Of course, you can see what they did there.) Y: The last person deservedly received recognition in due time, but like any story focused on gender and sexual politics, it is not very outdated – not to mention its status feminist text; The book bypasses questions about the place of transgender men in this brave new world, but these are questions that the creators of the series have vowed to solve. First, a significant transgender character has been added to the cast . We hope it does its job well, as the trailer seems to indicate that the rest of the adaptation was done correctly. Another major premiere of the month is Hulu Original: The Premise (September 16), a half-hour anthology series created and hosted by The Office writer / star BJ Novak. The streamer calls it “bold and provocative,” promising “a carefully curated collection of character-based episodes that challenges our shared moral stories, preferring art to argument because it touches on the most pressing and significant issues of the modern age.” If this sounds mega pretentious to you, you may have read the collection of New Yorkers Approved Novacks . However, I will try.


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