How to Decorate Your Yard in the Cheapest Way

Creating a backyard shelter was important to many people during the pandemic. The ability to run outside or even invite a few friends for safer socializing is more important than ever before, but if your backyard is still not overly welcoming for you or your guests, a few small, inexpensive changes can make a big difference. to create a more inviting atmosphere.

Backyard renovations can cost anywhere from$ 15,000 to $ 50,000 (landscaping alone can cost you thousands of dollars), but it certainly isn’t necessary. Here are some small upgrades you can make to your backyard to create an open-air oasis for the rest of summer through fall.

Buy (or make) inexpensive outdoor furniture

Skip the $ 1,000 section cute and comfortable outdoor seating is a must, but not a sticker shock. For just $ 70, you get a small set of tables and chairs (though spend money on a couple of colorful pillows). You can also make a stylish and surprisingly comfortable bench yourself using a few unexpected materials: six 4×4 boards ($ 12 each), roughly 14 cinder blocks ($ 1.98 each), and construction glue ($ 5.58).

Fold and glue the cinder blocks to create a bench frame, then thread the wood planks through the holes in the cinder blocks. Fill it with pillows and cushions to create a cozy patio bench for under $ 160. Check out howCottage Life demonstrates this in their instructional video:

Create shadows cheap

A shade is critical to your outdoor space, but if you don’t already have a shed or gazebo, it can be costly to install. Instead, opt for canopy fabric, which will set you back under $ 40 and can be attached outside of your home and secured in place with anchor posts. If you want to take an even easier route – and add some tropical vibe – you can buy a $ 20 beach umbrella and set it on the grass (provided you don’t mind one or two holes in your lawn). shadows).

Outdoor rug to tie the space together

A stylish rug can make any space warmer and more inviting, and the same goes for outdoor spaces. A durable (but inexpensive) decorative rug will enhance the look of your outdoor space and protect your patio, and will set you back as little as $ 30 .

Turn up some lights

Everyone loves the look and feel of a beer garden, and the atmosphere wouldn’t be complete without street lights. Lights come in all styles, from old-fashioned Edison lamps to regular flickering lights, and they can be relatively inexpensive, at around $ 13 a strand. For a more dramatic effect, you can buy a string light curtain for your fence or gazebo for as little as six dollars .

Use container plants to create an oasis

When you imagine an oasis, you think of lush greenery, and the easiest way to achieve this is with free-standing plants. If a complete landscaping renovation is not within the budget, multiple outdoor plants in containers can be used. You can buy succulent patio plants like the forked-leaf philodendron for $ 20 to $ 30 per plant. You can also create fun and cheap planters with metal basins , soil, and a bunch of plants to surround your patio or outdoor seating area for home privacy that costs less than $ 95.


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