How to Boost Your Buzz If You Smoke Weed

Despite the confusing, confusingly slow introduction of legal cannabis into our country, recreational use of weed has been commonplace for millennia. While it once grew in parking lots in New York City , it now costs a lot of money – especially with all the taxes added by legitimate sales – so finding ways to amplify the impact each bud brings is a powerful strategy.

Some of us have circumvented the law for years to smoke weed; others gain access to legal, personalized experiences for the first time in history – and one such experience becomes a totally zonal , time-honored tradition that for one type of person means the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine marathon and Trader Joe’s Dark Russet Chips, while others mean socializing, outdoor activities or outdoor activities. Any of the above is an effective way to enjoy the effects of cannabis use. But some of you may need a little help to feel completely free, and we are here to provide you with some tips and tricks to help you with that.

Why Mango and Weed Are a Powerful Blend

While this is not a recipe or nutritional guide, knowing certain foods can be helpful when you want to get the most out of your high – thanks to phytochemicals. Cannabis itself is made up of hundreds of these guys , each with an entourage effect; the combined action of these chemicals and cannabinoids such as THC creates an intoxication that we call “high.” A significant proportion of these chemicals are also present in tons of food, plants and products.

Aromatic compounds such as terpenes give the fragrance a rich and varied aroma. Myrcene, found in mango fruits, is just one of these substances, and its anxiolytic (anxiety-reducing) properties have been investigated. With the right strain of mango and cannabis, you can get these benefits, but it’s important to note that the effects vary greatly from strain to strain. This isn’t just chatter – the theory behind it is scientifically based – but the experience gained won’t be easy to predict if you don’t have a lab on hand to run tests on both your fruit and fruit weeds.

Myrcene is present not only in mangoes, but also in bay leaves, lemongrass and cardamom. This is an unusual, pungent phytochemical substance – not the only psychoactive terpene in the arsenal : lemon, lemon, often provides energy and is easily found in citrus fruits, and linalool – a soothing lavender flower base. All of these terpenes have been featured in a wave of experiential products in the cannabis market that are designed to guide your experience, from the dispenser handle to the Kin Slips.

In addition, there are less scientifically based but often repeated anecdotal tricks that banana bread means to me. While there isn’t much data to support this (yet), anyone who ate my infused banana bread inexplicably got more stones than expected, and not because I packed it with a lot of THC. Sometimes I think it’s a spice – I use cloves, cinnamon, and cardamom to flavor delicious breads — but products with these spices have never worked quite like the banana version. At this point, I suspect the effect may be due to phytochemicals in the very overripe bananas I use to make them.

Fuel your high with aromatherapy

Although super-obkurivanie – it’s great, let’s be honest – increase your buzz may also mean a decrease in its level. There is no proven way to sober up from over-cannabis drunkenness, and while it’s not life threatening, it’s pretty frustrating for people who haven’t booked a trip . Oddly enough, sniffing peppercorns and drinking lemonade works, but I prefer to use basic aromatherapy to chill cold sesh. Using scents to relax the body and brain helps focus on the experience, which inherently enhances it. Smell the scent of linalool-rich lavender to focus, or apply a little diluted mint to relieve pain. these methods work both before and after consumption.

Take a break from tolerance

One of the main ways to feel smokier is to throw stones less often. If you are an exceptionally entertaining and moderate cannabis consumer, you can probably testify that you feel a little plopped when you take it again, while the everyday or medical consumer may need a more powerful punch to get a feel for the ambiance. Doing the so-called “T-break” (short for “tolerance”) for a period of time that reflects your consumption habits gives your body’s CB receptors the opportunity to reboot.

Mix and match

I can hardly classify this as a method, but a fairly common way to spur yourself up is by combining cannabis with other intoxicants and / or psychoactive substances. Caffeine and weed are some of the easiest ways to get rid of them: Many regular users consume cannabis and coffee (or tea, or soda, or Red Bull) at the same time to focus on peace of mind. Some may find this overly disturbing , but the combination is fairly safe, so feel free to experiment if you are already using one of the two reliably and successfully.

Other combinations are more complex. Alcohol and cannabis are another commonly used drug, but there are risks that are not widely discussed. THC can amplify the unsafe effects of alcohol – and if you’re already drinking a lot, it’s a bad idea – and the combination creates an excess of THC in your bloodstream , which means additional toxicity. While you might like this heady couple, don’t overdo it.

Another mixture remains taboo, but since it is decriminalized in my area, I can tell you that it is consumed regularly – often at the same time as weed. Psychedelics such as psilocybin, DMT, and others are used in self-therapy situations as well as in recreational scenarios. This is another little-studied area of ​​research, but some report that cannabis can balance and mitigate some of the unpleasant side effects of psychedelic drugs. Warning: I highly recommend keeping them separate until you have more experience, as many find them too intense when put together.

Even if you’ve been in charge since the 70s, try one of these smart tricks – it can change everything. After all, adding cannabis to your daily life – with all food, drink, and activity – is the best way to enjoy it.


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