How to Keep Your IPhone’s Camera Settings From Being Reset When You Close the App

Your iPhone’s camera is filled with different modes and settings: live photos, slow motion videos, panoramic landscape shots – the list goes on and on. More often than not, you use your camera in the same way, with the settings you like best, every time you take a photo. Unfortunately, your iPhone seems to reset all of these settings every time you restart the Camera app. Fortunately, this annoying “feature” can be fixed.

Apple hides the ability to save camera settings in a menu aptly named “Save Settings.” Enabling this setting does what you probably want your camera to do in the first place – save the settings you used the last time so they are still active the next time you open the camera. This way, Live Photos can stay off until you want to turn them on again, you can leave Video Mode on rather than switch the camera back to default photo, and you can leave ProRAW on from frame to frame.

To find these settings, simply go to Settings> Camera> Save Settings . Here you will see a set of options, each with its own switch. Scroll through the list and turn on the switches next to the settings you want the camera to remember and leave alone the settings you want the Camera to reset each time.

However, keep in mind that this list is not the same on all iPhones. Since some iPhones have different camera features, you may not see all of the options on your specific device. In fact, some of the tweaks are only available in iOS 15, which is currently in beta testing. Here is a complete list and what they do; your options may differ:

  • Camera Mode : Saves the last used camera mode (photo, video, portrait, etc.).
  • Creative Controls : remembers the last used filter, aspect ratio, light or depth setting.
  • Exposure Setting : Saves the last used exposure setting and always keeps the exposure setting indicator on the screen.
  • Night Mode : Saves the settings of the last night mode (iOS 15).
  • Portrait Zoom : Keeps the portrait mode zoom lens instead of returning to the default lens (iOS 15).
  • Apple ProRAW : Keeps ProRAW enabled (iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max)
  • Live Photo : Saves Live Photo settings.

You can go back and tweak these settings whenever you want. If you find that you want your camera to open again in photo mode, or you want the filters to revert to their defaults every time, you can always change your mind.


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