How to Get More Twitch Subscribers

You no longer need a reality TV contract to broadcast everything you do to an audience. All you need is a streaming platform, and most people, especially those who like to play video games or watch others play them, use Twitch.

You’re already incredibly entertaining and your action should be broadcast everywhere, but how do you convince the audience to tune in and find out?

Don’t get hung up on numbers, but focus on content

You’re here because you want to build an audience, but don’t let concerns about quantity distract you from the quality you deliver to your followers and, ideally, your paid subscribers. Instead of trying to reach out to more people, work on honing the skills that make you unique and attracting users who are especially interested in them. They will be more loyal, return to your streams, promote your work, and chat with you. These are all more important than arbitrary subscriber counts, and in themselves lead to stronger subscriber counts.

“Something I’ve learned about Twitch is that there are a million small niches besides games that people don’t really think about,” said one streamer who uses Simulationkat and has 189 subscribers and 20 paying subscribers. They indicated that they have seen streamers broadcasting themselves, such as playing bingo lists, and there is a dedicated fan base for that.

“Come up with something that you love, and start with that, and if you have fun, people will spend time with you,” they said.

“Deciding what to broadcast depends on the ability of viewers to engage,” added Manny Fidel , an editor and columnist based in New York who began streaming frequently during the pandemic’s blockage and has 508 subscribers. “If it’s politics, they can share their views in the chat, and I can react to them. If this is a game, something like a puzzle or strategy in which the audience can help. As for the timing, there is no rhyme or reason for me. I just do it when I can, usually right after work (that is, in the evenings). “

This interaction is key, so let’s talk about it.

Participate on the platform with others

You need to be visible on Twitch if you want people to interact with you and follow you. Above all, you must be communicative when people are watching your stream, no matter what you do. Respond, for example, to messages that appear in your chat window. If the subscriber suggests something that you might do differently in a future thread, use that so they know their opinion matters.

There are many streamers on the platform, so followers and potential subscribers have serious choices. Be friendly, fun, and personable so they prefer you to other streamers in your specialty.

When talking about other people in your lane, you should also support them. Viewing other streamers and interacting in their chats will help you gain recognition in the community as a whole, which means it will be easier to convert new friends into new followers or subscribers.

“It’s important to be part of the communities you want to be a part of. Allowing people to get to know you and make new acquaintances on the Internet are valuable and useful things that are not only useful for your channel, but also personally enrich, ”said Simulationkat.

Collaborate with other streamers outside of your track

Not only is it important to be visible in other people’s chats because you want to pique the interest of new subscribers – connecting with other streamers is a great way to find people to collaborate with.

“I found that I get more viewers when I collaborate with others,” explained Simulationkat, who regularly streams with friends and allows them to talk about their unique interests, which are often different from the content normally offered on the channel. Thus, Simulationkat gets a new audience that comes on a niche topic, but may remain for additional streams in the future.

There are other ways to enlist the help of your buddies: “My top tip is to get your friends to watch your stream from time to time. They are much more likely to be chatting, and if casual viewers see interest, they will drop you a subscription and possibly a subscription, ”Fidel said.

Why it’s important to be as consistent as possible

Fidel noted that while he has 508 followers, he currently has no followers. At the start of the pandemic, he broadcast two to three times a week and gained up to 35 subscribers, but as soon as he cut his broadcasting schedule, they stopped. Subscriptions only last a month and need to be renewed, so you need to have a consistent result to keep your followers and grow your subscribers. (Don’t worry about Fidel: he said he was “thinking about taking him back.”) You don’t have to follow a strict schedule if you invest a little time creating content.

“I stream when I want because in theory there are always people who can watch me because of how global Twitch is,” Simulationkat said. “One of the coolest things about Twitch is how many different people I’ve met all over the world.”

Don’t make excuses for inconsistency either. Neither Fidel nor Simulationkat said that you don’t need a lot of equipment other than a phone or computer.

“You can stream using your laptop and shitty phone if you want. If you’re having fun, it doesn’t matter, ”Simulationkat said.

“All you need is a computer and a microphone,” Fidel added. “If you’re going to stream games, you want your PC to be stronger, or you’ll want to buy a capture card that can stream the game from your Xbox, Playstation, or Nintendo to your PC. I love having a webcam because people link my social media accounts to my Twitch and I think they are happy to see me. But some people have crazy settings that just aren’t necessary for a small channel. “

Know how to promote yourself elsewhere, especially before streaming.

Speaking of social media, don’t forget to advertise your streams ahead of time. If you want to attract subscribers to Twitch, you can reach existing subscribers elsewhere. Take some pictures and post them on Instagram or Twitter so they have something to look forward to.

“I think it’s worth advertising as much as possible on social media within reasonable limits, but I think the most important thing to growing your audience is to be yourself, as corny as it sounds. Give people a reason to talk to you as if you were meeting someone at a party you are throwing, ”suggested Simulationkat.

Your friends and followers already know you and probably want to support you in your new venture, so give them a chance. Then start streaming and give strangers a chance. You will have great followers in no time.


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