Don’t Panic, Your WhatsApp (Probably) Hasn’t Been Jailbroken

Unlike some other messaging services, WhatsApp only allows you to register one phone number for each account. This means that when you log into your WhatsApp account on another phone using that number, it will take you out of the application on your existing device. So if you open WhatsApp on your regular phone and log out – even if you’ve never logged in on another phone – you might get a little scared.

Leaving WhatsApp unexpectedly is daunting

Let’s be clear: your concern is completely understandable. After all, it’s unusual to open WhatsApp and receive the following unexpected message: “Your phone number is no longer registered with WhatsApp on this phone. You may have registered it on another phone. If you haven’t, please confirm your phone number to sign in to your account again. ” It definitely sounds like someone has logged into your account on a weird device.

Why you probably shouldn’t worry about this logout

Fortunately, this is most likely not the case. As it turned out, a known bug in WhatsApp for Android is users logging out of their accounts. According to WABetaInfo , if you log out of your Android WhatsApp account when you are not logged in with another phone, all you have to do is just log back in to WhatsApp – no need to change your password or take other security measures.

WABetaInfo does not tell you if this error is something that WhatsApp can fix on the server side (which would fix the problem without having to update the app), or if it will need to be fixed with an upcoming patch.

If you use an iPhone, be vigilant.

It’s important to note that WABetaInfo specifically says this bug affects WhatsApp for Android, not iOS. If you are unexpectedly signed out of WhatsApp on your iPhone, we have no innocent explanation for this, and we strongly recommend that you at least change your password ( and be sure to make it secure ).


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