How to Turn Off AirTag Alerts When Someone Borrows Your Stuff

You need to rent a partner’s car to drive. Luckily for you, they have an AirTag on your car keys, so you don’t have to worry about losing them. Instead, you may worry that your iPhone will come to mind to warn you that nearby is a strange AirTag . You can of course close the pop-up that appears on your phone screen, but most likely you will have to do this every time your phone approaches the AirTag.

What does Apple give?

Do not get mad; your iPhone is trying to protect you

Let’s go back a moment. While Apple’s AirTags are a great way to keep track of things that go missing, the stealth tile has an obvious security flaw that communicates its location to the owner. You don’t want someone to be able to put an AirTag in someone’s bag or car just to be able to silently track their movements.

Apple addresses this flaw by letting you know if you’re in close proximity to an AirTag that it doesn’t recognize. But, speaking of downsides, this also happens when you are near the AirTag that you know and your iPhone is not.

There is a solution

As it turns out, you can fix this problem. Apple has a way to confirm that the said AirTag is not nefarious and that you know the person it is attached to. You can even make sure that your iPhone will never alert you for that particular AirTag again.

Trick? The AirTag must be owned by someone in your family group. If not, the best thing you can do is turn off alerts for one day (which is still better than getting repeated alerts throughout the day).

The next time the Security Alert page appears on your iPhone, simply click Continue. According to Apple , if this AirTag belongs to someone in your family group, you should see an option to turn off security alerts for “one day” or “indefinitely.”

Otherwise, you should see the “Pause Security Alerts” option. Click on it to turn off security alerts for the day and get at least some of your sanity back.


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