Different Ways to Prove You’ve Been Vaccinated, Whether You Like It or Not

In New York, if people want to get involved in public life, they will soon have to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination. The requirement is part of a new policy unveiled by Mayor Bill de Blasio, who told reporters on Tuesday that the city would need at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine for anyone wanting to go to an indoor gym or perform or dine indoors in a restaurant. a restaurant.

The policy will officially go into effect starting September 13, marking the first approximation of a vaccination mandate in the United States, using the country’s largest city as a petri dish for a sharply polarizing concept. (President Joe Biden also ordered all federal employees to be vaccinated earlier this week .) While New York State is keen to allow residents to demonstrate vaccine proof through the Excelsior Pass , not everyone in the country can provide proof on such a flawless estate.

If you intend to provide proof of vaccination, there are several ways to do this, no matter where you live and the different requirements of the businesses you may visit frequently.

How to prove you are vaccinated against COVID-19

As we all know, every person is vaccinated with a card that states the time, place and brand of vaccine they received. It is an important element of working in a post-closed economy, and there are different ways to use it in everyday life.

First, you can simply keep the vaccine card in your wallet. If you need a card to access various indoor activities, the easiest way is to keep it with you. However, this is also the easiest way to lose said card, so the less risky option is to take a clear image of your vaccination card (if you haven’t already) and save it to your phone.

Another option is to scan it to your phone via the Notes app (if you are using an iPhone). USA Today explains how to do this:

If you’re using an iPhone, scanning your COVID-19 map with the Notes app adds a little more security. To do this, start a new note, then tap on the camera. Go down to Scan Document and add your card using the built-in scanner. Then you can block it with a passcode. Each time you click on a note, you will be prompted for a password to view.

You can also opt for an old-fashioned doctor’s note. You may be able to get confirmation from your primary healthcare provider, perhaps in a format that is easier to transport than the card itself, such as email. You can also laminate your vaccine card and store it in a protective badge holder to help you distinguish it from other unnecessary items in your wallet.

States with their applications to confirm vaccinations against Covid

The vast majority of states do not require proof of vaccination (some states completely ban vaccine passports ), but several states have proposed several digital tools to make it easier to flash a vaccine card. California, Colorado, Hawaii, New York, New Jersey, Louisiana, and Utah allow citizens to download various digital copies of their vaccine records. Several corporate pharmacies are helping with this process, as the Washington Post notes, as “millions of people in the United States have access to digital records directly from Walmart , CVS, Walgreens and others.”

While most states do not require any kind of verification, it is possible that there will be a private business in these states. Vaccine testing demonstrates a willingness to ensure the safety of others – as does the vaccine itself.


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