How to Find Babysitting When Everything Is Well Booked

The school is about to reopen, which means working families are struggling to find childcare to fill the gap between school and work hours. But this year promises to be even tougher than usual – not that it is usually easy to start with the fact that many kindergartens and extracurricular programs lack workers .

As disappointing as it is to work in a country that still does not grasp the reality that 60% of families have two parents who work outside the home , until that changes, parents will still be stuck trying to find a return. home. -school childcare.

If you still haven’t found what you are looking for, we have some ideas you could look for.

Contact your local university

College students often have more flexible schedules than most. If there is a college campus nearby, this is a good place to start. Some universities have student listings or message boards where you can advertise babysitting jobs. Another strategy is to contact any university organizations that may have students with childcare experience or plan to work with children as part of their careers, such as an early childhood education department or club that outreaches local elementary schools.

Reunite with your family in a similar situation

The challenge of finding part-time childcare to fill the gap between school and work hours is a challenge faced by many, many families. You are far from alone – right now, given the lack of options, the chances are high that another family in your network could go through the same struggle.

It is worth reaching out to other families, be they work colleagues, families you know from church, neighbors, parents, friends of your child, or any other families you know may also need childcare. This can be in the form of a nanny exchange, for example, when one family takes on the morning shift and the other family takes the afternoon shift, or goes into a part-time job with a nanny.

Offer to hire a householder

Another alternative is to reach out to a stay-at-home parent who may want to offer childcare services for one or two more children before and after school. In an ideal world, their children and yours would be about the same age and get along. This is the perfect scenario.

In a less than ideal world, even if there is a mixture of ages and temperaments, there are still a number of household members who may be interested in part-time work. Just make sure you tell us ahead of time about the payment and your expectations regarding what is included in this payment, for example about. snack or transportation to extracurricular activities. (Also make sure everyone research and understands any tax implications that apply here.)

Look for daycare groups in your area

If you do a Facebook search, you can sometimes find babysitting exchange groups in your area, which often consist of parents looking for babysitting and babysitting looking for work. A local parent group can also be a good source of information.

These local groups are a good place to find potential sources of extracurricular care, as well as other parents who are in a similar situation and may be open to join, be it changing childcare or hiring a part-time nanny. Share.


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