No Makeup Remover Required

The worst part of makeup is taking it off at the end of the day. Disposable makeup wipes and cotton pads are as expensive as they are wasteful, yet most people consider them a necessary evil. Assuming your cleanser can’t remove makeup on its own, you need something that does it. But here’s the thing: no matter what cleanser you use, it can remove makeup. All you have to do is apply it on your dry face.

Splashing water on your face before cleansing is probably second nature at this stage, but it only complicates your cleanser’s job, especially if you’re using makeup, sunscreen, or both. None of these are water soluble, so the first splash remains on your skin’s surface, forming a barrier between the cleanser and the substance you want to remove. When you apply it to dry skin, there is no barrier, so surfactants can easily dissolve waterproof base and zinc-based sunscreen. All you have to do is rinse it off.

You can do this with literally any cleanser in any format – liquids, gels, foams, creams, and even bars – all work just fine. Simply pump or squeeze a generous amount of cleanser onto your hands and massage it onto your dry face for 30 seconds or so. (For bar soap, first use the lather under the faucet and then apply the lather to your face.) If you are using a very gentle, gentle cleanser, try applying a little water to your eyes to dissolve the mascara and eyeliner — it won’t. drip into eyes until water is added .

Makeup should dissolve well by this point, but for extra insurance, stick your fingers under the faucet and use extra water to emulsify the cleanser a little. You are now ready to rinse your face thoroughly and pat dry. If there is any residue of mascara, remove it with a damp cotton swab or dishcloth.

The process is smoother, cheaper, and more effective than any other makeup remover I’ve tried. It reliably dissolves everything from minimal makeup to full face without causing unexpected flare-ups of rosacea, which I can’t say for makeup wipes and micellar water. If you’ve gotten burned with makeup remover in the past, or just need an easy way to wash off thick, greasy sunscreen, don’t waste your money on products that might not help you. Your regular cleanser is probably all you need.


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