How to Finally Look Your Best on Video Calls With IPad Pro

While it seems like we’ve been using zoom, FaceTiming and Google Hangouts for ages, most of us still haven’t figured out how to look good on a video call. Luckily, iPad Pro has a new feature called Center Stage that can effortlessly make you look a little better in camera.

Center Stage works only with iPad Pro’s ultra-wide-angle front cameras and aims to keep you in focus even as you move around the frame. This means that if your iPad Pro is tilted up, the camera will follow you and refocus automatically, even when you get closer, further, or to the side.

To activate Center Stage for FaceTime, open Settings and click FaceTime. Make sure the Center Stage switch is on (just turn it off if / when you want to turn it off). If you’re already on a FaceTime conversation, you can swipe up from the bottom of the screen and turn it on or off from the menu that appears.

If you’re not a regular user of Apple’s proprietary video calling app, they’ve also allowed this feature to be enabled on other video calling platforms, including Zoom. When you call Zoom on iPad Pro, you’ll see an option to turn the center scene on or off in the left sidebar, just below the options for switching camera and viewing the active speaker.

Now you can at least trust that your face will be in focus and in the frame, even if you move. Exactly how your face looks (and what you wear or not wear just outside the camera’s field of view) is still entirely up to you.


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