The Smartest Way to Hold a Clip When You Don’t Have One

Clamps are an important tool for temporarily securing wood during carpentry, woodworking, furniture making, and other projects – and there are as many different types of clamps as there are uses. fusing pieces of wood together and creating a strong bond . If you don’t have the right clamp for the job, though, there is one alternative, you can try protecting the wood.

How to make a simple DIY clip

Clips are often used to hold materials together while the glue holding them together dries , or to hold them in place while you nail or twist them. (Sometimes screws can push the planks apart when the prongs pass through the wood, which the clamp prevents.) For simple projects that require clamping two planks on top of each other or side-by-side, CraftsmanRon Hazelton uses what is not allowed. from his toolbox, but from his first aid kit: elastic bandages.Here’s how :

Elastic bandages are most often used as splints to keep damaged bones and tendons in place, but they can do the same with wood. Simply place the two boards so that they are flush and in the correct position, and then wrap the bandage around them as tightly as possible to keep them safe. The tightness of the bandage is the key to success.

Tools for use as clamps

An elastic bandage works best when you need to fasten two wooden planks together, but may not work in other situations. For the other projects on the site, dedicated to lifestyle, Apartment Therapy , there are several simple ways to use tools for home improvement as clips. To simulate a tabletop clamp , you can use two pliers attached to wooden planks with rubber bands around them. Old jumper cables can make great spring clips when you need them, and a sealant gun can hold two corners together like a quick grip clamp or a vice clamp.


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