Feeding Ducks Is Really Bad

Feeding birds can be fun – the problem is that feeding ducks and geese in a pond is far more harmful than most of us think. Providing food for native aquatic animals from a pantry not only changes their diet but also changes the environment. This is why we must let the ducks live on their own.

Why you shouldn’t mess with ducks

Birds like ducks and geese follow a specific diet and naturally flock to areas depending on their needs. The Virginia Wildlife Center explains how wild ducks and geese eat “grasses and grasses, aquatic plants and invertebrates that occur naturally in the wild.” It doesn’t hurt when birds are fed small portions of artificial food, but when everyone comes to the pier to feed the ducks, it becomes an essential part of their diet and is quite detrimental to their health .

Malnutrition leads to metabolic bone disease (MBD), and “Birds with MBD have incredibly soft bones and joints that often buckle and break,” explains the Virginia Wildlife Center. So to keep the birds healthy and alive, let them find food as usual.

How feeding ducks damages the environment

In addition to the health problems associated with processing human food for wild birds, it can also disrupt the ecosystem as birds flock in greater numbers than usual to places where they know they can get what you give. This leads to overpopulation, which also affects the topography and migration patterns. Birds that know they will get food will stay here longer than they should and jeopardize their own survival.

The NYC Department of Environmental Protection said: “30 swans starved to death at the artificial feeding site during the harsh winter of 93-94. Meanwhile, more than 800 swans survived near natural food. ” Not only do the birds stay and cannot survive the winters, but this behavior and genetic defects are passed on to their offspring as well.

What to do instead of feeding the birds

Some suggest feeding ducks and geese foods that are more similar to their natural diet, such as salad greens, vegetable skins, and nuts. They recommend chopping them into smaller pieces that the animals can easily eat and digest. But in the end, it is best to observe how ducks, geese and other wild animals exist as usual in nature. Take on bird watching and allow them to forage for their food so they can continue their healthy and natural life.


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