Why Everyone Should Keep an Empty Sugar Bag Close at Hand

I struggle with my hoarding tendencies all the time, so I tend to avoid the 10 Great Uses of Old Strings hacks – and yet I’m here to tell you to keep an empty sugar bag close at hand, especially if you’re a little awkward ( or you have clumsy kids, clumsy pets, or an awkward soul mate).

This proposal is about health and safety, and it comes to us through one of my favorite Twitter friends holding an empty sugar bag for the sole purpose of getting rid of the broken glass. (Seriously, my Twitter friends have the best hacks!)

As Sasha explains in his tweet, a thick two-layer paper bag is a much safer place to store broken glass than a plastic bag. When I asked Sasha where she came from, she told me that she came from her own brilliant mind:

I made it up myself! Hailing from a hoarding family + developing a safety mindset while working in a QC lab = occasional home hacking like this.

This is an ingenious use of what I usually throw in the trash can without thinking. Broken glass, as we all know, is very sharp and it always worries me that it will pierce the trash bag and cause silly injury, or at least an unpleasant mess, whether for me or for a sanitary worker. A thick two-layer paper bag prevents such tragedies.

Keeping an empty bag in case you break a glass may seem overly discreet, but paper sugar bags don’t take up much space. If you have children or hyperactive pets, it is always best to be prepared to break glass. (Although, to be honest, I knew the occasional broken glass before I had the ferocious dog. I’m very clumsy.)


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