Best Reason to Always Keep Whipped Cream in the Fridge (Other Than This, You Pervert)

Whipping your own cream is not difficult, but it requires a certain amount of equipment, and that equipment requires washing, which makes whipping cream a mild inconvenience in the middle of the day or after a heavy dinner are two things I have experienced. thirsty for espresso con panna (espresso with whipped cream).

Espresso con panna is a very simple drink, but much more palatable than its two ingredients. It is similar to affogato , but lighter, lighter and fresher. You make one or two shots of espresso and then add a little mountain of whipped cream to it. Now you have a trendy little treat to spice up the day, or a discreet dessert drink to enjoy at the end of a fine meal.

If you feel like an anti-canister feeling builds up in your chest, tell him to get out of here! There are many delicious canned whipping cream out there. (Just look for the one that says “cream” as the first ingredient.) The whipped cream that comes out of these jars looks nice, adds to the daytime whimsy factor, and they keep in the refrigerator for a very long time. (My current bank does not expire until January 2022.)

Keeping a jar of whipped cream – or, if you’re avoiding dairy, whipped cream – in the refrigerator is a small act of pleasure, if not just self-care. It allows me to satisfy my cravings for something sweet and caffeinated, and it creates a pleasant little pause on a hectic day. (Plus, I love giving my dog ​​some as a treat.)

If you can’t make an espresso at home, just brew a really strong coffee. The point is to pair something warm with caffeine with something sweet. (Have you brewed too much coffee? No problem. Save the excess and use it to make a lazy affogato .)


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