Use an Iron to Easily Remove Vinyl Floors

When it comes time to remodel the floor, removing the existing material usually becomes a headache. It will probably take a professional to remove tile or wood flooring, but vinyl floors don’t cost that much effort and money. However, the problem with removing vinyl floors is the glue that holds them to the floor. Depending on the type of floor covering to which it is attached, the removal process involves scraping the glue for several hours with warm water or means for removing sexes. However, there is an easier way to remove the tile along with the adhesive – and all you need is one household appliance and one removal tool.

Here’s how to remove vinyl tiles from a concrete floor without scratching it.

When should you remove vinyl tiles?

Before you remove your vinyl floor, the first thing to think about is when it was installed. Vinyl floors made before 1980 may have contained asbestos, a hazardous material that was used as a fire protection in several products before it was identified as a major cause of exposure to cancer . Unfortunately, vinyl and linoleum floors made in the 1960s or 1970s are highly likely to contain asbestos, so it’s best to seek professional advice before disturbing them so they can be removed safely.

If your gender is terrible (but not a health hazard), you can cover it up, which is an inexpensive option but comes with certain risks. When there are already multiple layers of flooring, this can not only potentially prevent doors from closing, but also reduce the strength of the floor. As contractor Phillips’ Floors notes, ‚ÄúNailing or gluing a new floor to an existing one makes your new floor as strong as the old one. If the old one fails, the new one will do the same. “

So, if you have a concrete floor, removing vinyl is easy, saves money, and allows you to start from scratch instead of building on top.

How to remove vinyl tiles from a concrete floor

Thick adhesives and adhesives can be loosened and removed with an appropriate amount of heat . TikToker deeucci removed old vinyl tiles from the bathroom with an iron. To reproduce this, you will need a paint scraper and an old iron that you no longer need (in case the vinyl damages the iron). Fill your iron with water and set the maximum temperature. Leave the iron directly on the tile for 30-40 seconds to melt the adhesive and loosen the tile. Then take a paint scraper and carefully lift the tiles off the floor. You may need to cut off the corner of the first tile to get the force, but you won’t need to scratch this glue for several days after removing the tile.

Watch Deucci’s video to see how this method works .

If any residual glue remains, you can use mastic and glue remover, and a mop or floor brush . The Loctite Adhesive Product website recommends mixing a small amount of ammonia with dishwashing detergent to remove any glue residue.


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