10 Useful Controls Everyone Should Add to Their IPhone Control Center

Your iPhone’s Control Center gives you quick access to system functions, apps, and shortcuts, while the default Control Center layout gives you access to system switches, music playback, screen mirroring, timer, and more. But did you know that there is a hidden treasure trove of features and shortcuts that you can add to Control Center, such as a screen recorder, quick note, or a QR code scanner?

How to add switches to iPhone Control Center

Add or delete switches in the Control Center is very simple: open the application “Settings” on your iPhone and go to the “Control Center”. Scroll down and click the Plus button next to the radio button you want to add (Apple calls them “controls”). The control is added to the section at the top. You can use the three-line pen icon to rearrange the controls as you see fit. Now, let’s take a look at the controls you need to add to the iPhone Control Center.


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