24 Best Non-Marvel or DC Comic Book Adaptations

It took only 20 Marvel films to give Black Widow Scarlett Johansson her own solo film, but it wasn’t her first or even her second comic book character. We just reached the point where the most popular actors played at least a few comic book characters before retiring. But we came here to praise the film adaptation of the comic book for the film, and not to pump it up with kryptonite and bury it.

I think we all already know that comics aren’t just about superheroes – and that even when they’re about superheroes, it’s not always Iron Man and Wonder Woman. There are excellent adaptations of comics for almost all genres: crime noir, spy fiction, memoirs … even the always popular genre of “talking cat with an X rating” is presented. The best one is to bring a little comic style to the screen, even when they craft something new. Here are some great and important ones, some of which you may have forgotten about when you started on this page.


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