You Should Let BookTok Teens Find Their Next Reading

TikTok is a creator’s paradise, and it’s not just fashion influencers and budding comedians that are hammering the platform these days. The app has a new community of users, many of them teenagers, who are plugging in books – a rather unlikely product in terms of social media support.

If your reading habits are a little outdated, but don’t want to be sold by newsletters and don’t have time for a book club, you should try BookTok, this fast-growing social media corner. the world of media is full of readers with opinions . Here’s a tutorial on how to get the most out of BookTok.

What is BookTok?

It is a very popular community on TikTok where users celebrate book culture and dislike their favorite authors and read. Calling it massive is doing it a disservice – at the time of this writing, the #booktok hashtag has 13 billion views – and it has caught on so well that the publishing industry is already trying to ride its viral dildo. Even boring old Barnes & Noble keeps an eye on the most popular games hitting BookTok , which is undoubtedly a tricky business move.

If you’re already familiar with TikTok and its main demographics – according to an Omnicore poll , 41 percent of users are between the ages of 16 and 24 – then BookTok trending titles will make sense: books for young people have a lot of influence among community members as well as novels. , science fiction and fantasy, and, to a lesser extent, general fiction (including some classics).

Below are examples of how a BookTok post might unfold:

Which books are exploding on BookTok?

According to a report by NBC News , Barnes & Noble has seen a rise in sales of some of its titles, which it associates entirely with TikTok posts. Shannon DeVito, director of books at Barnes & Noble, told the website that the book peddler is adapting to the viral popularity of books blessed by BookTok by placing special #BookTok displays in stores across the country. “I know I have so many clients coming to me who say, ‘I saw this trend on TikTok,’ she said.

Plots that have caught fire include:

You get the point: Many of these books suit the tastes of TikTok’s main user base, which is generally young and very online. If you generally tackle the main areas that regularly grab the attention of those working on the app, you will find yourself in good recommendations. As told The Guardian Faith Yang, who writes about the books as @hellyeahbooks : «In fact, people in Booktok like fantasy novels. If you tell someone that there is an affair when they try to kill each other, everything is sold. “

The best BookTok hashtags to follow

After a few selected hashtags, you will be taken straight to the BookTok ecosystem. They are, as expected, simple and appropriately bookish: the hashtag #BookTok itself will help you with this, but a number of others, including #ReadingTok ,#BookWorm , #BookStan , #BookClub , #YAbooks and # Publishing, are among the most popular … (many) others that you may encounter while sailing through BookTok. Any of them should eventually point you to a book you like and may encourage you to post videos of your own.


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