Why Three Morning Routines Are Needed

A perfect morning routine will help you start the day feeling complete, capable, and ready to tackle what’s ahead . It’s a great feeling, but you may not have the energy to do a difficult routine every single day. A cool, minimalist morning routine also has its benefits. Instead of trying to find the perfect balance, you may need multiple treatments.

Redditor u / marlene-leonora offers a solution to this problem – to have three procedures , which I think is ingenious. One routine when you are low on energy, one when you can’t wait to walk, and one when you feel somewhere in between. If you only have the energy to reach the minimum, you still did something and you won’t feel like a failure. You just chose a routine that matches your energy for the day.

As a born owl, my first thought was my own morning routine: if I stay up late or wake up sleepy, the bare minimum is brushing my teeth, getting dressed, making toast, and spending some time fooling around on social media. … When I have more time, I go out and listen to a podcast. And my ideal is to go for a run before breakfast and then return home with enough time to relax a bit on the porch before I need to log in to work.

However, this works for all kinds of subroutines. Can’t find the time or energy to train? Divide your workout into major and minor; on those days when time is limited, do only the important things. Do you have a million things to do every morning at work? Make a list of things to get you off to a good start to your work day, even if you don’t have time to relax.

And before bed: When tired, use a minimalist evening routine that will relax you and make the next morning better in at least one respect (for example, washing several dishes so that the sink is not full and you – You will have all the necessary utensils for breakfast ). When you can do more than the bare minimum, unleash a more ambitious version of your routine that gives you time to take a bath and read a book – or whatever suits you for the perfect night.

The routines are gaining momentum, so after a few days of doing your low energy exercises, you will likely find yourself a little more interested in planning ahead to make time for the intermediate version, and maybe even looking forward to the days when you can. all.


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