Scan Your LEGO With This App to See What to Build

LEGO is everything you can: what can you build with a full box? I spent most of my childhood rummaging through our LEGO collection at home, building all kinds of gadgets and gadgets. My older brother, when he didn’t hit me, would sometimes join us and we would spend hours building whatever structures we could imagine – which is probably why he is now an architect and I’m an amateur boxer. He learned to build; I learned how to strike a good blow. Both are useful life skills.

However, the hardest part of LEGOs – especially if you’ve been building them for a while – is keeping track of what you have. After a while, everything just shuffles and some parts are lost. Not having a clear idea of ​​what you have and how much is especially annoying if you’re trying to build something specific only to use up the right parts before you can finish.

How to use Brickit, the new LEGO crawling app

A new app called Brickit , available for download from the App Store, will scan your LEGOs to create your collection’s inventory. This includes counting the total number of bricks as well as sorting them by size. All you have to do is lay out your LEGOs on a flat surface and take a photo, and the app will suggest different figures you can build from the bricks from your collection, including step-by-step instructions.

Some of the suggested figurines you can make include a platypus, a typewriter, a race car, a train, and a peacock, although there will undoubtedly be more in the coming weeks. Brickit will even show you where the LEGOs are in the pile you just scanned. If you don’t have blocks of the right size or color, you are encouraged to be creative in the spirit of LEGO Building.

This app is still in beta testing, which means that it still has features and limitations. First, it is only available for Apple products, although an Android version is planned for the fall. It also hasn’t scanned the Duplo series or part of the Techno yet.

Limitations aside, however, it helps open up a world of possibilities. So get out your LEGOs, take a picture and start building.


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