Child Culture Guide for Adults: Why Do Children Put Garlic in Their Noses?

As the world revels in our newfound freedom to leave our homes and the drama of the presidential election fades into memory, we are all free to concoct conspiracy theories about video games, pretend to drive invisible cars, and stuff our nose with garlic.

This Week In Drama: Britney Isn’t Free … yet

Despite all the efforts of her many online supporters and the passionate pleas of the singer herself, reclusive pop star Britney Spears is not free … at least not yet.

District Court Judge Brenda Penny refused to change custody of Spears this week in response to a request filed several months ago by her attorney. The court argues that Britney is “essentially incapable of managing her financial resources or resisting fraud or undue influence.”

The drama will surely escalate in the days to come, especially as the firm in charge of Spears’ custody asked to resign , stating in court: Conservatory and her desire to terminate the Conservatory … The applicant has listened to the Conservatory and respects her desire. “

TikTok Trend of the Week: Moms

Moms, are you wondering what your kids really think of you, for example, besides the Mom Number One mug you donated for Mother’s Day? The recent online trend may help you understand. The music of Eminem’s “My Mother” in the background, the participants TikTokers began to tell the world about their mothers, no matter tuck whether they shaver in tufts of hair before the fight , breaking the rules of furry conventions or exhibit symptoms of the disease Munchausen by proxy . The trend is reaching sad and anxious moms , new moms , wealthy mums, and all in-between moms.

I’m not going to shoot videos on TikTok or anything like that, but in the 80s my mom’s hobby was to cheat the casino; she used the rosary beads to keep score at the blackjack tables in Atlantic City.

This Week In Music: Olivia Rodrigo Steals … And That’s OK

Everybody says 18-year-old pop star Olivia Rodrigo is a thief. First, tweeters have noted the similarities between the cover art for Rodrigo’s new album Sour Prom and Hole’s original Live Through Thi s. Then music lovers drew attention to the similarity of the new song of Rodrigo “Brutal ” and Elvis Costello with the fireworks of the new wave of the late 70s “Pump it Up “.

They are not wrong either. “Brutal” replaces the iconic “Pump it Up” note with a note and includes self-hated Costello-style lyrics such as “I’m not cool and I’m not smart. I can’t even park in parallel. “

However, all pop music is stealing and “Brutal” is a great song. Elvis himself thinks so. He even tweeted “Come on and steal from me, kid,” tweeting, “It’s okay for me … that’s how rock and roll works. You take the fragments of another high and make a brand new toy. Here’s what I did. ” The dude stole all of his style from Buddy Holly anyway.

TikTok Warning of the Week: Don’t Stuff Garlic in Your Nose

If you hear my exasperated sigh all over the place, it’s because people at TikTok are stuffing garlic in their noses.

They say sticking a clove up their nostril will relieve nasal congestion caused by summer colds and are happy to post videos of snot pouring out of their skulls . This is very disgusting. Other TikTokers like @kindminds_smarthearts are not for sale. She tasted it and said, “I still can’t breathe, and now it smells like garlic.”

Surprisingly, doctors say you should n’t put garlic in your nose. It may produce more mucus, but this is due to irritation of the lining of the garlic, not because it clears your nasal passages or something else.

Both my mother, when I was five years old, and Dr. Anthony Del Signor, Director of Rhinology and Endoscopic Skull Base Surgery at Mount Sinai Union Square in New York, agree: the obvious fact that it can be displaced or stuck in the nasal cavity, ”Del Signor said today .

This Week In Video Games: Is Hideo Kojima Making A Silent Hill Game?

The internet gaming world is abuzz with rumors that Hideo Kojima, the mysterious creator of Metal Gear Solid, is working on Silent Hill .

The Clues include the announced game Silent Hill, which Kojima did work with Guillermo del Toro on back in 2014, and a teaser for the horror game Abandonded from obscure developer Blue Box Games. The theory is that Blue Box is a fake company and Abandoned is a Silent Hill game led by Kojima. As gamers began to speculate, Blue Box ignited the flames by writing, “Guess the name: Abandoned = (first letter S, last letter L).” Expand closure via … # PS5 #Exclusive “. And then we delete the tweet.

Like most internet conspiracy theories, this one is probably not true – Blue Box reacted to the tweet and denied being Kojima’s shell company, and the rest of the “evidence” is dubious at best – but still one of those stories that must be true, and maybe if we all want it badly enough, maybe we can make it true. For more information, check out this mega Reddit thread and the detailed description of Kotaku .

Viral Video of the Week: The Invisible Car

User TikTok @lightskinyogi can drive the car invisibility and strange hairless online Swami published the video for video trick, gaining millions of views and keeping the minds explode.

Suspecting deception as opposed to supernatural yogic power, the commentators challenged the guy with requests like ” do it from behind ” and put a light over you so I can see if there are shadows “and” do it with someone. ” stands behind you . “

While this mysterious guy coped with all the tasks, so I can only conclude that he and other users TikTok hashtag #Pzoom to actually possess supernatural powers that go beyond science, and they use their power over the physics of matter. and the energy is making viral internet videos.


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