20 Most Obscene Patriotic Films Ever

Raise your glass, America. Fourth of July. Independence Day. Your special day. Why not celebrate with a grand, ultra-violent spectacle celebrating the explosive spirit of the country we all love?

Patriotism means a lot to a lot of people, and all these films try, bless them, to showcase brilliant American ideals … but with mixed results and some, um, different ideas about what it means to love your country. They all have at least one thing in common: explosions. A lot of them. Wherever these films are on the American political spectrum, they all pretty much agree that tough individualism backed by massive firepower is the way to go. Considering it’s fireworks season anyway, we could just sit back and enjoy a movie that illuminates the screen with love for the great old USA from A … as well as things that explode very well (considering it’s also wildfire. season is probably best not to set anything on fire at all ). These are films that don’t just say “America!” They say, “America? Fuck yes! » If you’d rather read this post as a single page on your desktop, narrow your browser window until the slideshow expands.


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