30 Movies That Could No Longer Be the 90s, According to Twitter

Maybe you’ve survived the 90s. In that case: Congratulations on your survival in an era when flannel shirts could be paired with casual jeans without anyone blinking an eye. You are here now, and this is the main thing. Others can only sit on their grandparents’ lap and recall the days when computers needed a landline phone to go online and Keanu Reeves was our biggest box office star. (What happened to him?)

Suddenly it seems that after we spent the last few years mining 80s coke for everything they are worth ( weird things have happened, as they say), nostalgia for most emo in all decades has never been more pronounced – perhaps because This is the last decade that seems like the final era. (Or am I the only one who feels like everything about the iPhone is just endless, ever-deepening confusion?) Twitter user Justin Perez Smith recently asked subscribers for a definitive list of movies that scream “1990s”:

Twitter responded loudly. What he came up with suggests the ultimate ’90s experience of being in your 20s at the start of the decade – or also perhaps a caveman, a foul-mouthed store clerk, a hip-hop duo trying to stop someone from your people, or even literally a crow. While common themes can be found, these films cover quite a few topics. And remember, if your favorite isn’t among them, this list matches Twitter. Please forward your complaints accordingly and then leave your choice in the comments.


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