A Guide to Father’s Day Gifts for Dads Who Forgot How to Dress

At some point, our beloved, reliable and wise dads, it would seem, forget how to do everything.

Among their various forgetfulness flaws, one of the worst offenders is how they forget how to be cool, falling back on the simplest, most meaningless type of humor (“I don’t believe the stairs, they are always plotting something”), while that the same hairstyle that brought them a date in the summer of 69.

But most of all, they forget how to dress, suddenly declaring that khaki is the best color on the spectrum, all while putting in the least effort. What they don’t realize is that some of the garments these days, such as Columbia Sportswear ‘s hip and tech collections of shoes and shirts, can look good and be light by crossing two off their list (something dads love ). What’s more, they can be well dressed and comfortable when out and about – one of the few things my father, who lives in the beautiful Northwest, still remembers how to do it.

So, to help our dads come to grips with these facts, here are some cozy, reliable, and beautiful things you can give them for Father’s Day. Please, they need our help.

Vitesse ™ ️ Hiking Shoes

Dad’s shoes, with their bulging shapes and white looks, have somehow become ironically popular, but there is nothing ironic about Vitesse ™ hiking boots , which are sleek, lightweight and eye-catching. Your dad, who always makes God know his house, will appreciate them not only because they look athletic and beautiful (they come in a variety of cool, electric colors), but also because they let him stay. Stays fast all day with improved cushioning and Omni-Grip ™ underfoot traction.

For outdoor walks, the Vitesse ™ ️ also features Outdry technology to keep its big clumsy feet dry, whether in a local park or on long-distance trails. My dad, who loves short hikes and ugly white sneakers, will surely benefit from Vitesse ™ ️ .

Zero Rules ™ ️ Short Sleeve

I know I know; most likely your dad likes rules. But chances are they will also love the Zero Rules ™ ️ collection , which is built for the hottest and wettest conditions. Have you ever watched Dad try to do his homework or errands in the heat? They sweat a lot .

T-shirts that fit the body and look more dramatic than a regular casual T-shirt are equipped with sweat-activated, super-cooling Omni-Freeze Zero ™ ️ and Omni-Wick ™ that regulates moisture. They also have Omni-Shade ™ ️, which blocks harmful UV rays, so your dad will be cool, calm and collected even on the highest of the stairs or on nature’s most rocky hikes. Sadly, the shirts won’t necessarily keep him cool if his sports team loses or if his mortal enemy next door, Hal, uses his trash cans again.

Respool ™ short sleeve knitted shirt

Like the Zero Rules ™ collection ️ , the Respool ™ short sleeve shirt ️ uses Omni-Wick ™ ️ and -Shade ™ ️ to keep Dad comfortable and happy. It is the perfect item for dads who can play sports at backyard barbecues, fishing trips, summer gatherings, and massive outdoor music festivals (JK, my dad would rather be dead).

Perhaps coolest, the shirt is also made from recycled fishing nets and garbage dumps as part of Colombia’s own search and rescue mission to save the planet. Earthy, comfortable and beautiful – what else do we need? Also, let’s be honest, dads especially sometimes have trouble finding a nice short sleeve shirt that fits comfortably. Respool ™ ️ check this box.

Silver Ridge ™ ️ Pants

The question that even a young man faces: what trousers to wear on a hike or in nature? Jeans? Training pants? Athletic shorts? In fact, none of them fit the bill. Fortunately, Columbia’s Silver Ridge ™ Pants are durable, flexible and convertible, which means they can be turned from pants to shorts with a single zipper.

Like other innovative Columbia products, they are also equipped with moisture management and sun protection technologies, so they will keep Dad easy on his feet in a variety of landscapes and weather conditions. They also come in his favorite khaki color, but they’re actually made of cargo, which is a good way to meet him halfway when he starts his adventure in respectable fashion.

Reed Jackson is a writer for G / O Media Studios.

This post is a sponsored collaboration between Columbia Sportswear and G / O Media Studios .


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