How to Travel Alone, According to Reddit

For those with a wanderlust, losing the ability to travel freely has been one of the hardest parts of living in a pandemic. But even amid blackouts and border closings, there was a surge in solo travel as travel companies began serving people who enjoyed socially distanced lifestyles (and who had the flexibility to take advantage of deals). While the world is reopening and people are starting to book flights and travel plans again , solo travel still offers many benefits for those who are not embarrassed by the idea of ​​going alone. If that sounds like you, take a look at the following tips for solo travelers, drawn from the wisdom of seasoned travelers on Reddit.

Travel the beaten track

Solo travel has its advantages, including greater flexibility and ease of mobility, which opens up the opportunity for you to explore lesser-known sites and attractions. When considering an individual journey to Spain Taman182 offers ” give preference to less popular sites and impressions, because you can always go back to Madrid or Barcelona.”

This is especially true when traveling in Europe, where it is quite easy to get to neighboring countries. “Keep an eye out for cheap flights from nearby airports because fares … can be very cheap and you can end up in a lot of random places,” they advise. “For example, I ended up on a return flight for 10 euros to Vilnius.”

Book your activities in advance

When traveling alone, it may seem like picking up and doing what you enjoy will be easy because you only have to worry about yourself, but seasoned Redditors report that flying it can be difficult because you will need to find activities. that you want (or feel safe) alone, from food to adventure.

“To be honest, I think the hardest part of dealing with national parks is removing all your reservations,” says Shocktopus89 . “Some of the heavier players book their tickets months in advance, so getting to where you feel safe and comfortable can be challenging.”

On my own trip to the US Virgin Islands, I found that for dinner, you had to reserve a table in almost every restaurant. I didn’t plan ahead and ended up eating a lot of pizza. Especially in the midst of a boom in tourism, it is important to pre-book must-see spots.

Consider renting a car instead of using rides

Sometimes, using a taxi or public transport while traveling can be an easier option than traveling to an unknown location. Locals know the roads better, so why not entrust them with the way to the right place? Unfortunately, in some places taxis have their own problems. In Puerto Rico, for example, Reddit user QACman21 “definitely recommends renting a car as Ubers can be extremely unreliable anywhere outside the metro. You can find a trip from San Juan to Ceibu, but it might be a little harder for you to do the opposite. ”

Sometimes you need to know a reliable taxi company in the field, or even a specific taxi driver, and taxi sharing may not be appropriate at all – all the safety factors to consider when traveling without the advantage of numbers. The downside to renting a car is the cost you will have to bear. Car rentals can range from $ 30 to $ 100 per day, depending on location and time, so, again, it’s best to book in advance.

Be prepared to handle emergencies on your own

Traveling alone, especially overseas, can happen anything from losing your passport to stealing cash. More than usual, you have to make a plan of action before leaving. Leave photocopies of your passport and traffic information with friends at home. Take note of the locations of consulates and embassies in destination countries, and then make a possible plan of action to contact them in an emergency.

If your belongings are stolen , Taido_Inukai says, “ Hurry to get to the embassy. Seek help from the family from there. If you are in a village far from a major city, file a report with the police and ask for help in getting to the nearest embassy. “

Thunderroad45 echoes this advice, noting that “the embassy may require a copy of the report to replace your passport.” While you may think you are doomed, you have options and your country’s consulate or embassy can help verify your identity and help you get a new passport. In general, try to keep your passports with you and not in your purse or purse.

Stay tuned for changing travel restrictions

As travel opens around the world, there are still rules and restrictions in place that you need to be aware of. For example, in Puerto Rico, as sassylildame mentions, “there is a curfew, so nightlife stops at [10 pm].” These restrictions have changed since the sassylildame trip , demonstrating the importance of checking before making your plans – you don’t want to be prepared for a night out in the city just to realize that everything is closed.

Some locations require COVID-19 testing before entry, while others offer fewer restrictions on vaccinated individuals . Right now, Central America and the Caribbean have lowered COVID-19 restrictions and entry rules for US citizens. Wherever you go, make sure you stay up to date on travel restrictions, as we’re not quite out of the woods yet.


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